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Lee Wilson, Disability Access, DDA, Egress, Risk & Compliance Consultant, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, phone (03) 9028 5500 or mobile 0438 580 729

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Lee is a building specialist with an extensive background in access / egress for people with disabilities, general building compliance and project management.

He also has manages, a website which discusses peer reviews of accessibility reports, professional opinions, Alternative Solutions or expert judgements pertaining to access provisions of the Building Code.

Lee is the only Disability Access / Disability Egress Consultant in Australia who:

He is experienced in Federal and Local Government, as well in private consultancies specialising in risk management, building compliance and access for people with a disabilities.

Lee is an advocate for dignified and equitable access for all into and throughout commercial buildings, whether they are workplaces, sports venues, public transport infrastructure, educational or accommodation.

He is also a campaigner for equitable ways to get everyone out of a building during an emergency and is developing an industry guide on the topic. Please read his Bio pages to learn more. Google+

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