Nine Steps to Improved Architectural Designs – My latest Article

architectural drawingsMy latest article has been released on

It is titled “Nine Steps to Improved Architectural Designs” and discusses how engaging an accredited access consultant can reduce project risks. A full copy of the article is available here 

This is an extract “When it comes to accessibility, there are common themes in architectural design documentation. A significant portion of time is spent reviewing architectural documentation at various stages of a project. These stages vary and are often project specific, client specific or based on the designer’s preferences. An access consultant can add value when reviewing the schematic design, design development and tender or construction issue stages of any architectural design process”.

There are nine recommendations discussed within the article for dealing with common accessibility issues:

  1. Show Accurate Levels (or RLs) on Drawings
  2. Dimension Everything
  3. Reference Access Standards
  4. Draw Compliant Accessible Car Parking Spaces
  5. Turning Spaces at the End of Accessways
  6. Handrail Profiles
  7. Stair and Ramp Designs
  8. Passenger Lifts
  9. Access Consultants

A full copy of the article is available from here