Why Workplace PEEPs are Important, Sourceable.net Article

wheelchair in front of stairsI’ve published a new article on Sourceable.net discussing Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans, or PEEPs.

The article says that PEEPs are critical documents that need to be developed for some building occupants and that an effective PEEP could literally be the difference between life and death. Here’s an extract below, but you can read the whole thing here.


Generally, people will go about their day to day activities without putting too much thought to the emergency procedures in place within a building in which they reside, work or frequent each day. People assume they are protected from harm. Unfortunately, history tells us that we need to plan for emergencies. This responsibility rests on employers, building owners and building management to ensure that effective emergency management plans that consider the needs of all occupants have been developed.There is a common belief that the needs of people with disability are not being considered and are often omitted from emergency management plans. Those in control of our workplaces, apartment buildings and public buildings must consider evacuation arrangements for people with disability when developing these procedures. It is no longer acceptable to dismiss these obligations and to exclude people with disability from emergency planning and evacuation drills.

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