‘Exit Incorporated’ is the International merchandising division of Egress Group Pty Ltd. Exit Incorporated are licensed by Egress Group Pty Ltd to use the ‘Accessible Means of Egress Icon’ and Running Man on a range of merchandise featuring the images.

Exit Incorporated offer these images for sale on merchandise to assist people to support and advertise the concept of an accessible means of egress for all building occupants.

The designs are edgy, industrial and test the boundaries of what has previously been seen using exit sign imagery.

Lee Wilson's Redbubble Shop

We have however collected a lot of these products on pages in this website for quick reference, please see below:

Lee Wilson's Redbubble Shop

Information on each of these available products is available on the Redbubble website, where you can get details on each product offered for sale, with Egress group Pty Ltd images.