Cartoons Easily Send Important Messages

Cartoons are an excellent way to send a message in a clear, informative and humorous way. As people say, “a picture paints a thousand words“. 

The following cartoons are a creative collaboration between Lee Wilson and Michael Richards.  Michael is a professional cartoonist based in Washington in the U.S. Lee’s the ideas man, Michael’s the creative talent.

Though not all of these cartoons are humorous, we hope that these cartoons can help highlight the need for accessible buildings with an accessible means of egress.

Have an idea for a cartoon? Let me know

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Cartoon with multiple peopel standing in a row titled Not all Disabilities are Visible.png

Accessible Toilet Blue Seats AS1428.1 Cartoon by Lee Wilson Disability Access ConsultantLee Wilson Disability Access Consultant, Person using a Wheechair in Fire Refuge using Communicationsccessible Exit Door needed for elderly man in walking frame trying to open exit door