Lee Wilson, a Disability Access Consultant and Chartered Building Engineer (Access Specialist), is available to give guest lectures on accessibility within the built environment. Lee is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is an Accredited Member of the Association of Consultants in Access, Australia Inc.

The application and interpretation of legislation pertaining to access for people with disabilities can be a complex area and one that is either overlooked, or misinterpreted. Often it is just a lack of awareness by building professionals.

Incorporation of a three-hour overview presentation on access for people with disabilities into the academic course outline of any built environment discipline could be a sufficient introduction into the area.

An introductory lecture could plant a seed of awareness that may cause a graduate to question the level of required access into a new development.

Identification of access issues at an early planning or concept stage could reduce the potential for unexpected delays, scope variations, design changes or cost overruns.

The introductory lecture is suitable for all building courses, including building surveyors, architects and building designers, town planners, project managers, engineers and all other property fields.

Please contact Lee if you have any opportunities for sessional lecturers or guest lecturers in building discipline under-grad or post-grad courses.

Lee Wilson MAIPM, MWOBO, C.BuildE MCABE, holds multiple qualifications and is a member of a number of industry professional bodies, including the Australian Institute of Project Management.