ABC Ramp Up Article on Accessible Public Transport (Part 1)

Metro Train in Melbourne
Metro Train in Melbourne, credit Guilio Saggin (ABC News)

This is the first of three articles by Greg Killeen, disability advocate, on public transport across major cities in Australia. This initial part focuses on trains, trams and buses. The next part in a few days will discuss coaches and charter buses.

This first article discusses the relevant legislation and Standards applicable to public transport infrastructure and conveyances (i..e trains, trams, buses). Greg also discusses the requirement for all public transport to be accessible by 2022 and the staged approach to compliance, with milestones for compliance by operators every 5 years.

Greg’s article is concise, but comprehensive and summarises how each major capital city is going with their obligations for compliance. A great read, please read the full article here.

To quote Greg “Although some public transport services and systems are ahead of the Transport Standards minimum milestones, there are still many milestones not being met“.

by Lee Wilson, Disability Access Consultant